Building on the Higher End? Don't Forget These New Amenities:- New construction for real estate investors provides the opportunity to build a product with the latest and greatest additions that buyers want.

Yes, a buyer can purchase an older, existing home and make their own upgrades, as many do, but there’s a certain appeal to many when the entire home isbrand spanking new with all the new features that buyers want. Want to know what some of those new features are?

One of the newest desirables in a home isn’t inside the home but on the outside. Courtyards and backyard entertainment areas replete with stoves, sinks, wet bars and fireplaces catch the new homebuyer’s eye and as the outdoor space provides more options regarding design compared to interior space surrounded by walls, it’s only the investor’s imagination that limits the possibilities. Swimming pools, outdoor fountains and professional lighting tops off the outdoor experience.

On the inside, stainless appliances are still in great demand and in fact are expected as are larger than usual food preparation areas. Get creative with lighting in all areas and the new variety of LED lights provides inexpensive lighting options with long term energy savings.

Master baths have also taken on their own personality where showers aren’t just a place to get clean and refreshed but offer an area with multiple shower heads, steam and seating areas. Shower stalls are much more than just a covering surrounding a tub but can measure 30 to 40 square feet in area.

Of course, these are the desirables and on the higher end of the new construction food chain. If you’re building smaller housing, probably only the stainless steel appliances will be on the “must include” list but if you’re starting to get into the mid-to-upper price range, these amenities are what new home buyers are attracted to most.