One of the ways to gain the highest rent in an established neighborhood is to have the newest property in the community. A brand new home that along with your architect designed from the foundation to the rooftop. When building a new home in an area where some of the properties may be 20 orbuilding new in established neighborhood 30 years older, you want to create a home that blends in well with the surrounding properties.

You don’t want to mimic the neighbor’s home exactly but you also might not want to finish out your investment property in stucco when everyone else is traditional brick.

You can work with your architect and designer to bring about the proper mix of new and established but primarily you’ll work in a particular architectural style. Surrounded by ranch homes, then a ranch style should be your first choice. If all the homes are two-story colonial, then you know in advance which way you’re going to head. You will also soon find out what is and what isn’t permissible when you begin the design phase when you visit the city office to review building codes and pull permits.

What’s appealing about a new home in an established neighborhood is first the location. Established communities are typically surrounded by mature trees and greener surroundings. Established communities may have much shorter commute time to the business or entertainment districts down town. Usually new home construction occurs in waves with new developments and subdivisions sprouting out toward the exterior of the metropolitan area, where land is less expensive.

And while the established neighborhood has advantages that can’t be duplicated simply by building a new structure, new construction can take advantage of the latest in building materials and much sought after amenities trending in the building industry. If you’re fortunate enough to find an empty lot or a tear down in a well-known neighborhood, you can bet the rental income will more than enough each month for a tidy profit.