“Bull run gets solid footing” was the banner headline for the USA Today front page article about the surging real estate market, stock exchanges, and level of consumer confidence in the United States with it attributed to the, “Boost from home prices, confidence…rally…”

“There is no question that real estate is the major force behind the resurgent American economy, “ commented Jerry Cohen, President and founder of EquityBuild, a premier real estate investment firm.  “Consumer confidence is back and Americans want to own real estate again, both their own home and rental properties to generate extra income."

Shaun Cohen, President of Equity Finance, the funding unit of EquityBuild, followed by noting that, “We have especially seen this in the Chicago market.  While the housing sector was down in that metropolitan area, it is back now with very strong consumer demand, particularly for turnkey rental properties.”

"Over the course of history, " Jerry Cohen continued, "real estate has created about 90% of the millionaires.  I fully expect that to continue.  Looking at the record of my company, we have returned 17% to properties that have been flipped for profits, and 12% for private mortgage note investing.  With those returns, achieving personal wealth is not difficult to imagine for an individual."

About that, Shaun Cohen added that, "Private mortgage financing is very attractive in today's investment climate.  Yields are very low due to Federal Reserve policies.  In addition, traditional lenders such as banks, credit unions, and mortgage brokers have made it much more difficult to get a loan.  This creates a huge opportunity for those seeking to profit from high yield real estate investing from financing private mortgages, either for an individual loan or as part of a consortium of investors."

The USA Today article pointed out that home prices in the United States were up 11% in March from a year ago, the strongest gain in seven years, according to the Standard & Poor's Case-Shiller Index.  While the stock market is at record levels, home prices in the United States, while higher, have still not reached the peak of the pre-Great Recession period.