Regardless how you got into Real Estate Investing, or even if you’re just in the formative stages, there are those who have tread before you who have been successful. And many more not so much. The point is real estate investing has too many moving parts for a novice to just move into the industry3 things to hurt your real estate investing career and expect to make a quick profit and there are those out there who can help you avoid the mistakes others have made that hinder success.

There is no real estate investor, regardless how successful, that has been error free. The point is just as important to not only avoid potential hazards but learn from the mistakes of others. Here are three things you must absolutely avoid.

1: Not Learning the Math. Cash flow is a simple calculation where expenses are subtracted from income. The result is how much money you put into your bank account each month. Yet improperly figured, you can find your investment is more of a money hole and nothing like a profitable investment. When evaluating a potential investment, use real numbers, not those you think you can get. Be conservative in your estimates. Keep an eye on past expenses and plan for them in the future. Watch vacancy rates—one or two months of no rental income will crush your profit forecasts.

2: Getting Rich Quick with No Money Down. No doubt you’ve heard the advertisements on TV or saw an ad on the internet how you can buy real estate using other people’s money and make $20,000 to $30,000 per month in your spare time. Oh, and guess what? We’re coming to a town near you and we can teach our tricks to you for free! Sound familiar? Don’t get into real estate with the mindset of fast money with no effort. It takes effort. It takes teamwork. It takes experience. If this sort of message is prompting you to become a real estate investor, look for another industry.

3: Flying Solo. You can get your real estate license and become a real estate agent. You can go to school and become a CPA. You can do all sorts of things but you can’t be everything. In real estate, there are so many professions that play an important role in the world of real estate investing. Don’t try to fly solo in your new career. Lean on those already in the profession and surround yourself with those who can help lead to you your goals. Take advantage of the knowledge that’s already there. If you try to tackle real estate investing all by yourself you won’t be in the business for very long.