While there are many different elements to investing, serving the greater good should always be a paramount factor.  For that reason, real estate investing has always been very alluring for investors looking to provide a needed service to the community.alluring investing  Private mortgage note financing is a compelling way to achieve a morally superior outcome in high yield real estate investing.

Private mortgages are loans made by an individual or group of investors to finance the purchase of real estate. There are many times that traditional lenders such as banks, credit unions, and mortgage brokers cannot meet the needs of the market.  As a result, there is a strong demand for private mortgage notes.

This need is often for the fixing up of properties.  Traditional lenders do not like to lend for properties that need a great deal of work, considering these deals too risky.  Banks, credit unions, and mortgage brokers much prefer to provide mortgages for only the best deals, such as a property in an upscale neighborhood that needs no work.

That focus leaves out of the lending structure all of the other areas with housing that needs work.  The best thing that can happen to a neighborhood with an abandoned or foreclosed property is to have an investor buy it, fix it up, and rent it out or sell it.  In that way, the neighborhood is restored and a family acquires a home.

But that type of lending is frowned upon by traditional lenders.  That is why higher interest rates are charged for investment properties, with more money down required to secure the loan.  Many times this financing cannot even be obtained by investors seeking to fix up properties.

That is when private mortgage money provides a needed service to the community.  

Those willing to provide a private mortgage are willing to take the risk that traditional lenders will not in financing the recovery of a neighborhood. Without private mortgage money, many houses would sit empty.  Fewer families would have homes.  More neighborhoods would be lacking in that critical "pride of ownership" that makes people living near each other a community.  Private mortgage investing provides a critical function in revitalizing neighborhoods through the creation of homes that traditional lenders simply refuse to take the chance on to bring back the area.  Serving the greater good obviously does not enter into the algorithm utilized by traditional lenders for approving or rejecting a mortgage!

This morally superior way of investing has been recognized by others.

EquityBuild Finance is a provider of private mortgages.  It is the funding arm of EquityBuild, a real estate investment firm.  The Founder and President of EquityBuild, Jerry Cohen, was recently honored with the prestigious "Moving America Forward" award for his service to the community.

Along with providing a service to the community, EquityBuild Finance has also done well for its private mortgage note investors.  In a recent interview, Shaun Cohen, President of EquityBuild, reported that private mortgage notes were returning 12% with no defaults.  That high yield and low risk performance demonstrates the commitment of all involved in those private mortgage transactions to providing housing that revitalizes neighborhoods.