At some point in a person’s life, later rather than sooner for most, the focus turns to retirement to some degree. Hopefully the notion occurs sooner rather than later but whenever it starts to get serious, the individual begins pouring more or less money into a 401k plan or IRA and begins following the double digit returns stock market.

There are radio shows and websites galore that tout stock advice but for the investor who has been looking at a portfolio with say at least 10 years on it the net returns over the years can be rather meager. And for those that have just started investing and are looking at retirement the way a deer would look into a pair of headlights, it can get more than a bit uncomfortable—it can get downright scary.

For investors that harbor those emotions, they haven’t heard about investing in real estate or if they have they may have ignored it thinking it nothing more than hype.

“I completely understand their perspective,” says Shaun Cohen, President of EquityBuild Finance, LLC. “Stock brokers and fund managers don’t make any income telling their clients to invest in real estate. Instead, they allocate an investor’s funds into different sectors and can even get paid whether an investment pays off or not. Our clients do get double digit returns and their investments are secured by real estate.”

Buying real estate either as a flip or for a long term investment is sometimes labeled as an “alternative” investment and perhaps that term alone keeps many potential investors from making a real estate play and keeping funds in a more traditional mutual fund or blue chip companies. But the returns are real and have been providing long term profits for investors for years and years.