Real estate investors, sellers and home buyers a all are beneficiaries of low rates. When mortgage rates are low, those that own financed real estate can refinance existing mortgages into lower rates, freeing up cash. With more cash on hand, money changes hands more quickly as people buy things, go out to eat or take a vacation.

For buyers, lower rates enhance affordability and consumers today can afford a bigger mortgage should they so choose compared to just a few years ago. And of course, more qualified buyers means more offers when real estate investors sell their properties. But there are those that get hurt when rates are low—those that rely on their investments for income.

Those that are retired or near retirement may have saved for years to build up a nest egg. Following the advice of their financial planners, they planned on receiving perhaps an 8.00 percent annual return on their investments during retirement, based upon previous returns over the years. Yet as the Fed has kept rates so low for so long, many retirees are not only getting meager returns from their bond fund or certificate of deposit, they may also be cashing in some of their investments in order to pay every day expenses due to the meager returns.

“While our industry is the beneficiary of a low interest rate environment we also know too well the impact it has on those living on fixed incomes. Our clients enjoy double digit returns from their investments all secured by real estate. We identify and evaluate a potential project then offer our clients the opportunity to participate. Profits are returned to our investors typically in less than nine months and the investors can elect to deposit those funds back into their capital accounts or roll the proceeds in a subsequent project. We have an answer for those looking for something other than a 1.00 percent return” says Shaun Cohen, President of EquityBuild Finance.

Low interest rates are indeed a double-edged sword. But they don’t have to be with the right investment vehicle. There are ways to make more from your investments.