When a football player makes the "All Madden" team in the NFL it is because they are an excellent player who does not receive the publicity of others.  That player is highly respected by the other players, too.  Holding real estate in a retirement account is "All Madden" in the field of investing.

 Any real estate asset can be held in a retirement account such as an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  The real estate asset can be the actual property itself or a private mortgage note.  What cannot be part of the real estate is any type of loan.  To be held in a retirement account, the real estate asset had to be paid for with cash. That protects the retirement assets from ever being seized by a creditor for the account holder.

That is probably what makes retirement accounts for real estate investing so underutilized and unpublicized: there cannot be any leverage.  That reduces returns....when times are good.  But it also is a very effective risk management tool, protecting the real estate owner when times are bad.

At all times, the income and capital gains for real estate assets held in a retirement account are tax free.

That is a tremendous advantage for any investing, but especially so for real estate.  It allows for tremendous flexibility.  Properties or private mortgage notes can be sold for a profit.  Whatever the capital gains are for the property after it has been sold, it will not be taxed.  That can resulting in savings of more than 30%, in some cases.

Rental income is also tax free from real estate held in a retirement account.  Depending on the tax bracket of the owner, that provides a boost to the amount of cash received in retirement.  As rental income in the United States has traditionally increased about 5% annually, owners of properties in real estate can look forward to rising, tax free income from it for their retirement years.

If a private mortgage note is part of a retirement account, the income from that is tax free, too.  These loans to others to buy real estate can be structured in whatever form meets the needs of the lending and borrowing parties.   If the private mortgage note provider wants to have higher income in retirement, the terms can allow for increasing payments.  There can also be a balloon payment feature too should there be the need for a large sum of money at any time in retirement financial planning.

Real estate is a peerless investment, providing income and capital gains to the owner at a rate that has created about 90% of the world's millionaires over the last 200 years.  Held in a retirement account such as an IRA, the rent is tax free income and gains from the sale of a property or the private mortgage note are tax free, too.  Just because real estate in a retirement account does not receive the acclaim it is due is no reason it should not be utilized by all investors.