Recently, The Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Chicago in the top ten for the most competitive cities in the future.  That is very bullish for the housing market in Chicago.Chicago real estate - Chicago is in the top ten for cities of the future.  Real estate investing in Chicago that features retirement accounts will make the gains even more pronounced.

The Economist Intelligence Unit is the global research unit of The Economist magazine. Improving government, health care, transportation infrastructure, quality of higher education, and global business climate were the factors for Chicago doing so well.  The air travel that accesses international destinations was also an important asset.   Overall, it was a very impressive showing by "The Second City."

While Chicago real estate is already doing well, it is likely that it will continue to improve even more for the future.  Prices and sales are rising.  The greatest complaint from sales agent in the Chicago area is that there is not enough inventory to sell.  When a property does go on the Chicago market, there are reports of multiple offers leading to bidding wars.

That naturally makes Chicago an attractive market for real estate investing.

After all, investing is buying the future income stream of an asset.  That certainly looks favorable for Chicago, based on The Economist Intelligence Unit report.  What makes the future income stream of Chicago real estate even more appealing is to hold it in a retirement account, such as an individual retirement account (IRA).

When real estate is part of a retirement account, there are many advantages that make it an appealing holding for the future.  If it is an investment property, than the rental income is tax free.  Should the real estate be sold for a profit, there are no taxes on the gain.

Passive investing also favors those investors looking to profit from Chicago real estate in the future.  There many different ways to profit from passive investing in Chicago real estate.  These include turnkey properties, small apartment buildings, foreclosures, and flipping real estate.  For those who do not want to actually own real estate, private mortgage notes can be financed for Chicago properties.  Private mortgages are loans from an individual or a group of investors to those seeking to buy real estate.  Retirement accounts are ideal for private mortgage notes as the investment income received is tax free.  Any real estate asset sold in a retirement account, including private mortgage notes, has no taxes affixed to the gains.  Passive investors can add more to that by investing through retirement accounts to profit from the tremendous potential of the city of Chicago.