Investors come in all stripes. Some burn the midnight oil reading reports, looking at past performances of stocks and mutual funds and PE ratios trying to find that next hot investment.

On the other hand, there are those that prefer to let someone else do the work for them and, for a fee, get quarterly reports from their financial adviser. There are still others that simply park their funds in a no-maintenance vehicle such as a money market fund or a simple savings account.

It’s often thought that the more research you do, the more successful you’ll be with your investment dollars. But as you well know, when the Wall Street Journal pits professional money managers against a dart board, well, the result is typically the same. Wild guesses can perform just as well, and even better in some cases, than the paid professionals. So what’s an investor supposed to do to get his funds performing a little better than say three, four or five percent?

“Private individuals who do nothing but research stocks and evaluate candlesticks may be able to identify a particular trend, but nothing’s guaranteed,” said Shaun Cohen, President of EquityBuild Finance. “Our investors are guaranteed a 12 percent return on their money and we do the heavy lifting for them.”

EquityBuild Finance’s business model revolves around financing real estate development projects for real estate developers, projects that banks typically won’t finance. The funds used to arrange financing comes from individual investors. These investors create a mortgage pool that is used to finance the various projects presented to us.

“Our multiple methods of evaluation allow us to present a clear, profitable and safe investment for our clients. Developers need money to finance these projects, and EquityBuild Finance is the primary source for their funds,” said Cohen.

There are ways to invest that provide double digit returns without the risk associated with investing in individual stocks, and EquityBuild’s proprietary system does just that. Solid returns, guaranteed and secured by real estate.