We’re still feeling the economic effects of the presidential election. We also pointed out here over the past week about how bond yields are on the rise and continue to do so. Freddie Mac, the GDP Estimate Revisedsecondary market giant, released today its weekly average mortgage rate survey. According to the latest release, in one week mortgage rates rose by nearly one-half percentage point. That’s a rather dramatic rise. Freddie stated the average 30-

Do you currently own a rental property and the lease is coming up for a renewal? More than likely there’s a month-to-month provision which helps you more easily mitigate potential vacancies but Real Estate Investingit is an additional task that landlords face. But have you been approached by a relative to rent that property from you instead of renting it out to some total stranger? It sounds like a good idea to know the person intimately who will be your tenant but there are some things to first consider.


Let’s say your niece wants to rent

We pointed out here just yesterday that markets appear to be strengthening and this week would be packed with economic data giving us a reading on the current and future economic trends. TodayForeign Investors is another example of that progress as the Commerce Department reported that retail sales increased higher than expected 0.8% from the previous month. Analysts had predicted a number closer to 0.6%. In addition, the September retail sales number was revised higher, quite a bit higher actually, from 0.6% to 1.0%. That’s a healthy increase and the largest two-month reading in nearly three years.

It’s going to be a big week regarding economic data and it’s quite possible, although at this point not very likely, that analysts will be paying more attention to economic reports and less so on the keep upgrades standard and simplepresidential election. Equities have been performing quite well since November 8 and so far holding gains mostly across the board. The Dollar is still going strong against foreign currencies as well. This week we’ll see Retail Sales figures for October and investors are expecting a small increase fr

The three major exchanges on Wall Street are open for trading today and it looks as if this week’s gains are on pace to match its largest in almost five years. The Dow average appears to notch a GDP Error Rate 1.3%weekly increase of 5.0% while the S&P moves 3.6% higher. Bond markets, including mortgage bonds, are closed for trading today yet if this week was any indication, we could very well see yields continue to rise at the beginning of next week as equities appear to be on a roll. Especially so since the Consumer Sentiment reading released today shows a very positive consumer which should help retail stocks. Coupled with respectable wage gains for October and there appears to be a healthy holiday shopping season on the horizon.


As the economy still struggles in a few sectors overall it appears to be making progress and Federal Reserve Vice Chair Stanley Fischer indicated an interest rate hike might be coming sooner rather than later. This

Did you predict this one? Did the presidential election surprise you? It certainly surprised the pundits who were saying it would be an uphill climb for one candidate and it was also hers to lose. But iTarget Inflation Ratet didn’t exactly turn out that way, did it? Regardless of whom you voted for it was a rather surprising result. And another prediction that was made, one we reported on here, that stocks were rather calm right before the election because Wall Street figu

You read here last week regarding the elections and the impact on Wall Street, or at least the lack thereof. Historically, interest rates have ignored presidential elections with very little reaction. And Real Estate Investing

We’re heading into the final stretch of 2016 and there just might be a green light for a  rate increase by the Fed at their December meetings. The Unemployment Report released today showed a Should You Form an LLC?slight decrease in the headline rate from 5.0% to 4.9% but analysts are not paying much attention to that number. The round of FOMC meetings held this week didn’t provide much detail but the board did keep rates the same. The Fed has been reluctant to

Here’s a quandary some borrowers get into when they get an accepted offer on a property that does not have additions that are permitted by the county or parish where the property is located. Real Estate InvestingIt’s not uncommon in areas, especially where property taxes are relatively high, for property owners to make additions to their property in order to increase the value without getting the necessary permits. The owner thinks this will save them money, even if the additions have been completed by licensed contractors. But that’s the first rub. Many licensed contractors today won’t accept work on unpermitted additions. They want to be sure the property owner has the

Have you been asked by a relative to help them buy a home? Perhaps they don’t want you to be a co-borrower on the loan and be indebted to the lender but to help out with funds needed for a down payment and closing costs? There are a couple of things you need to be aware of.


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