Shaun Cohen, the President of EquityBuild Finance, the funding unit of EquityBuild, a real estate investment firm, has announced the closing of ten deals. All of these deals involve the purchase of properties. 

Of particular note is that four of the deals involved the use of funds from retirement accounts.  That is a growing trend in real estate investing as principals realize the many advantages of purchasing property and placing it in a retirement account.  If it is an investment property, the rental income is tax free.  Should the property be sold, there are no capital gains taxes when the property is part of a retirement account.  Also of great importance is that real estate in a retirement account cannot be encumbered by a mortgage, when is a needed level of risk management for the investor.

There was also private mortgage money involved in another deal.  

This takes place when an investor lends money to another party to buy real estate.  Private mortgage notes can be funded by investors as individuals or as part of a group with others, to add more diversity to the portfolio. The lenders for this private mortgage note, Cohen noted, "...will earn a 13.7% APR until the borrower refinances within the 24 month term."  At that level of return, an investor's money would double in less than six years.

What makes these deals stand out, in addition to the high returns and the creative financing, is how many featured repeat investors.  In period when the percentage of Americans investing in the stock market has declined dramatically, fully seven of the deals have parties who are returning to the "EquityBuild family," as Cohen terms it.

EquityBuild was founded by Jerry Cohen, its President.  Since 1984, Cohen has been a principal in more than 1000 real estate transactions.  He was recenty honored with the prestigious "Moving America Forward" award for his service to the community.  This service to others has taken place over decades that have featured wars, double digit mortgage rates, The Great Recession, even the impeachment of a President of the United States.  About this, Jerry Cohen advises that, "I have hit every pothole and bump in the road possible.  Those investing with EquityBuild and EquityBuild Finance gain from my experience and benefit from what I have learned from my mistakes!"

That certainy explains why fully 70 percent of the deals announced by Shaun Cohen involve those returning again to the "EquityBuild family"!

The work of EquityBuild and EquityBuild Finance not only rewards its family of investors with high returns, it revitalizes communities.  What were prevously empty buildings, become a family's new home.  The blemish on a block then gleams with the "pride of home ownership."  Through this, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, a city rebounds back to its previous glory as a result of the work of EquityBuild and EquityBuild Finance!