There are 255 housing markets that are improving across the United States, according to research just released by the National Association of Home Builders.  That is more than triple the number of American housing markets that were in the National Association of Home Builders/First American Improving Markets Index from July 2012.   New market areas joining the list include Cumberland, Maryland.; Saginaw, Michigan.; Farmington and Las Cruces, New Mexico; Kingston, New York; and Olympia, Washington.

That is even more comforting as those new markets span the United States, from New England to New Mexico to the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest!

About this continuing nationwide recovery from The Great Recession, Rick Judson, Chairman of the National Association of Home Builders, stated, ""This is the sixth straight month in which at least 70 percent of all U.S. metros have qualified for the Improving Markets Index.  The relative stability of the IMI is representative of the broad recovery underway, which is much more extensive than what we were looking at one year ago."

Jerry Cohen, President and Founder of EquityBuild, a real estate investment firm, observed that, "The housing market is very strong in Chicago and others areas across the country.  What is comforting is that investors are becoming more active in real estate.  That shows that The Great Recession did not deter them from the proven profits in real estate investing."

A principal in more than 1000 real estate transactions since 1984, Cohen advised that, "There are unique advantages to investing in real estate.  Even if the property is your home, it is still an investment, the largest for most American families.  The recent blip in mortgage rates should not stand in the way of more continuing to buy, either.  Goldman Sachs just released a report stating that mortgage rates are far below the level to where there would be damage done to the housing market by deterring purchasers.  I expect buyers to continue to realize the long term value in American real estate and keep on buying, both those here and from abroad."

A recent article on this site detailed the billions of dollars of US real estate that foreign investors have been gobbling up, particularly in Chicago

The Chief Economist for the National Association of Home Builders, David Crowe, added that, "Despite slight ups and downs in recent IMI levels, an overwhelming majority of U.S. metros—including those located in almost every state—remain solidly on the path to recovery even as the pace of their improvement is slowed by ongoing challenges related to the availability of credit, labor, lots, and certain building materials.  Based on recent trends in home prices, housing permits, and employment, the outlook for a continued housing expansion remains very positive for the remainder of 2013."