If you haven’t had a chance to read our whitepaper on why we love Chicago, you can read the study here. Once you have, we know you’ll agree that Chicago really is one of our favorite areas in which to invest and one that our investors have Finding Propertyprofited from, even though most of our investors have never visited the neighborhoods they’ve put their money in. But at first glance and without knowing why certain neighborhoods in Chicago are ideal you would probably wonder why we even explore Chicago’s South Side, much less invest in the area. Why is that?

You really have to have turned off the television or avoided any news media whatsoever not to hear some report about violence in Chicago, especially in the South Side. As we mentioned in a previous newsletter, a recent headline in the Chicago Tribune blasted, “Chicago is off to deadliest start in nearly two decades.” Hardly a headline that causes investors to flock to the area. But there are reasons why neighborhoods in the South Side are some of our most profitable investments.

Most of our South Side focus has been in the South Shore, Grand Crossing, Chatham and Woodlawn and avoids the crime-ridden areas in Englewood, Roseland and West Pullman. They key is identifying properties at the lowest cost which also will provide the highest rents. And we do that very, very well. The metropolitan areas of Chicago provide some of the greatest ROI of most any area in the country. There are so many other reasons why we’re heavy in Chicago and we encourage you to reach out and read our whitepaper. But perhaps the greatest benefit? Our projects rejuvenate neighborhoods while providing families with safe, secure and updated places to live.