Although the real estate market in Chicago is booming, minor lifestyle changes can allow individuals to participate in any future gains.  In a recent article in The Baltimore Sun, Susan Reimer wrote how saving, rather than spending,Double Digit Returns just $20 a week will result in a substantial pool of capital, over time.  Those funds can then be invested in Chicago real estate, further increasing the gains for the investor.

Reimer's piece, "Turning two lattes and a cocktail into retirement fund" focused on how Gail MarksJarvis, a personal finance columnist for The Chicago Tribune, wrote about saving only $20 a week becomes $480,000 in 40 years with 9.8 annual percent return.  While almost half-a-million dollars is quite a bit of money, much less can used to start investing in Chicago real estate.  If the property purchased is to be the primary residence, which should always be considered an investment, as little as 5% is needed for the down payment.  For a $100,000 house or condo, that is just $5000.

Passively investing this redirected coffee and cocktail money is the best way to prosper over the long term in Chicago real estate.  Jerry Cohen, Founder and President of EquityBuild, a real estate investment firm, has been a principal in more than 1000 transactions since 1984, many of which have been in Chicago.  These deals have included, among other types of real estate, foreclosures, property flips, small apartment buildings, and turnkey properties.  At this time, Cohen is very active in Chicago real estate.

It is also possible to passively invest in Chicago real estate without actually buying a property, if that is desired.  EquityBuild Finance, the funding unit of EquityBuild, works with investors in private mortgage notes. A private mortgage note is a mortgage from an investor or group who finance the buying of real estate.  While an individual can provide a private mortgage for a single transactions, it is far wiser to participate with other investors.  That allows for investment protection through the diversity of private mortgages being issued.

Nowhere near half million dollars is needed to profit from private mortgage notes from EquityBuild Finance: only $20,000 is needed.  While that amount is modest, the returns are note: in a recent webinar interview, Shaun Cohen, its President, reported that private mortgage note investors with EquityBuild Finance were realizing 12% returns.  In addition to the high returns, so far there has been low risk as there has yet to be a default.  It is very unusual for any asset to provide such high yields with such low risk on a short term basis, as private mortgage notes from EquityBuild Finance have for investors.

Cocktails and coffee are an acquired taste.  There is no need for those beverages to survive.  However, there is a requirement for individuals to invest well to prepare for retirement, save to buy a home, or accumulate the funds to pay for tuition.  The money spent on coffee and cocktails can go a long way to achieving those financial goals through real estate investing.  Chicago real estate has proven to be a solid investment, as both prices and sales are rising.  Passively investing in Chicago real estate through EquityBuild and/or EquityBuild Finance will allow for individuals to profit from future price increases.