We wrote here last week about how unreliable certain bits of economic data can be, especially the Gross Domestic Product for each quarter. Granted, adding up the total value of goods and services produced for consumption for three consecutive Chicago Real Estate Investingmonths is a rather gargantuan task. So much so that quarterly GDP numbers are released three different times.

An initial number then a second and third revision.  The second release of Q4 GDP came in at 1.0% but the final number for Q4 GDP logged in at 1.4%. Some are saying that points to a stronger than expected rebound for the economy and are pointing to the likelihood the Fed will raise rates at least once this year after all.

But how many times have we heard these experts tell us there will be robust growth, then marginal growth  and then hardly noticeable growth so much so the Fed won’t raise rates at all this year.  Consumer spending which makes up a robust two-thirds of economic activity in the States rose at an annualized pace of 2.4% a bit higher than expected. Wages appear to still be holding onto their slight gains and oil may be ready for a rebound. Can you see how individual investors can get a bit confused when trying to make sense of all these numbers?

However, private investors who finance mortgage notes to acquire and rehabilitate real estate don’t need to follow the markets so closely and wondering whether or not the Fed will raise rates or sit on the sidelines really doesn’t matter all that much as returns for private notes are locked in and secured by the property being financed. Yes, lower interest rates help first timers and the cost of credit overall cheaper but much of the economic data released on a monthly basis while helping investors get an overall glimpse of the economy and they do matter but as it relates to private note holders, not so much.