Prepare for "Returns for US Stocks be Dismal" with Profits from Chicago Real Estate Investing

While the future for Chicago real estate looks promising, a recent Money magazine article by Penelope Wang focused on how to prepare for "dismal" returns from stocks and bonds.Chicago real estate on the rise - investing in chicago real estate Wang's piece, "The Long Term Returns for U.S. Stocks and Bonds Turn Out to be Dismal" was in the Investment Guide 2013 issue guide of Money magazine.  

 Her article was very useful for warning investors about the poor results stocks and bonds that could be ahead.  In Wang's article, Rob Arnott, Chairman of Research Affiliates, warned that, "Stock returns are likely to average 4% to 6%."  That certainly does not appear to be the future for investing in Chicago real estate.

At present, Chicago prices and sales are soaring for the real estate sector.  Rather than worrying about a "dismal" future, real estate agents are concerned about the lack of inventory.  When many properties hit the sales market now in Chicago, there are multiple offers.

That is what is known as a "bidding war"!

What makes the Chicago real estate market even more attractive is that there are many ways to profit from its strength.  Jerry Cohen, Founder and President of EquityBuild, a real estate investment firm, is very active in the buying and selling of Chicago housing.  Cohen has been a principal in over 1000 real estate transactions since 1984, many of which have been in Chicago including flipping properties, turnkey real estate, small apartment buildings, and foreclosed properties.  

Investing with Cohen through EquityBuild, investors have done very well from the rising prices of Chicago housing.Earn 12% returns, with private mortages

For those who do not want to own real estate directly, profits can be made from investing in private mortgage notes for Chicago real estate.  A private mortgage is when an investor finances the purchase of a property for another entity.  Private mortgage notes provide financing when banks, credit unions, and mortgage brokers cannot or will not.  Shaun Cohen, President of EquityBuild Finance, the funding unit of EquityBuild, reports that private mortgage notes have returned an average of 12% to investors with no defaults.

It does not get much better than the returns from private mortgage notes in terms of an investment being high reward and low risk!

As detailed in a previous article on this site, Chicago was just ranked as one of the top ten cities in the world for being the most competitive in the future by The Economist Intelligence Unit, the global research arm of The Economist magazine.  That can only be bullish for the future of its housing market.  Through EquityBuild and EquityBuild Finance, there are many ways to profit from the continuing rise of Chicago and its real estate sector!