It’s going to be a big week regarding economic data and it’s quite possible, although at this point not very likely, that analysts will be paying more attention to economic reports and less so on the keep upgrades standard and simplepresidential election. Equities have been performing quite well since November 8 and so far holding gains mostly across the board. The Dollar is still going strong against foreign currencies as well. This week we’ll see Retail Sales figures for October and investors are expecting a small increase from 0.6% to a 0.7% gain. Business Inventories is also scheduled to be in the news on the 15th, the same day Retail Sales numbers are released. We’ll also get a handle on inflation on both the wholesale and retail level as PPI comes out on Wednesday with CPI the following day. So far, analysts are keeping their projection of a 0.2% month over month increase in CPI with a 0.3% bump on the wholesale level. Industrial Production will also be released along with Housing Starts, Building Permits and Initial Jobless Claims are also due. This is truly a packed week ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.


If we continue to see stronger than expected numbers along with – so far anyway – Wall Street’s so-called endorsement of Trump then stocks could begin a march to the 19,000 level. Already, yields on bonds, including mortgage bonds, have been trending upward. The 10-year Treasury for example his a yield not seen since December of last year. Recall the Fed raised rates the last time around that same period. For real estate investors, there’s a lot to evaluate. Housing starts as well as new construction are on the move helping to ease a strained inventory but for now the bulk of this new housing won’t hit the markets until well into next year.