Long term care insurance is needed to protect the financial assets of a family.  Without it, the costs of extended care could easily wipe out the average family.  chicago value playBut long term care costs can be met by self insuring with profitable investing, such as buying Chicago real estate, a very appealing market that is rich in long term potential.

 In "Makeovers: Five Families Start Fresh" in Money magazine, an article by Sarah Max and Donna Rosato in the Investment Guide 2013, it was detailed how families need long term care insurance as part of financial planning.  The main reason for this, as pointed out by Rosato and Max in Money magazine, was for asset protection.  But assets such as owning real estate in Chicago can provide for long term care, either through self insuring or financing a comprehensive insurance policy.

The best way to accomplish this critical financial goal is to passively invest in Chicago real estate for the long term.  That puts both the element of time and the experience of seasoned professionals on the side of the investor seeking to prepare for long term health care costs.   The time factor allows for property values and rental income to rise from real estate owned in Chicago.

As detailed in other articles on this site, Chicago is now a very strong real estate market.  

It should continue to do well.  An article on this site pointed out how appealing Chicago is to foreign investors.  Another reported on how Chicago is rated as one of the top ten cities with the most potential for the decades ahead by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the research arm of The Economist magazine.  The main concern for real estate agents in the Chicago market is that there is not enough inventory to sell.  Properties are receiving multiple offers once put up for sale.

As a result, prices and the number of sales are soaring in Chicago.  That naturally has many involved in the housing market, seeking to profit.  Jerry Cohen, Founder and President of EquityBuild, a real estate investment firm, has been a principal in more than 1000 transactions since 1984.  Many of these have been in Chicago, including flipping properties, turnkey properties, and small apartment buildings.

EquityBuild Finance, the funding unit of EquityBuild, has been active in Chicago with providing private mortgages for buyers.  A private mortgage is when an investor finances the purchase of a property for another.  According to Cohen in a recent interview, investors in private mortgages with EquityBuild Finance have realized 12% returns, with no defaults.

Investing in Chicago real estate can provide for long term care expenses in many different ways: flipping properties, private mortgage notes, small apartment buildings, etc...  There are many choices, all which can be profitable.  But what is most important in high yield real estate investing is for the buyer to utilize a passive approach with a long term outlook.  That will best allow for investing in Chicago real estate to provide for long term care expenses.