Chicago has been added to the list of the most improving real estate markets in the country, as charted by the National Association of Home Builders for its Improving Markets Index (IMI).

The IMI lists the real estate markets in the United States that are performing the best as measured by housing prices, housing permits, and employment for at least six consecutive months.

 Along with Chicago, there is a robust overall housing market across America, according to the National Association of Home Builders.  Rick Judson, Chairman of the industry group, stated that, "This is the fifth consecutive month that the NAHB has designated more than 70 percent of US metros as improving.  While that's a good sign that the US housing recovery is on solid footing, we know that various challenges are slowing its progress, including continuing issues with credit availability for builders and buyers, as well as appraisals that are aren't keeping up with the costs of construction."

The Chicago market is up in both price and sales volume.  There are fewer homes on the market with multiple offers being received on those listed, as detailed in a recent article on 

"It does not surprise me that Chicago is one of the most improved real estate markets in the country," declared Jerry Cohen, President and Founder of EquityBuild, a real estate investment firm.  "We see it daily at the street level in the neighborhoods in that great city where we are active."

David Crowe, Chief Economist for the National Association of Home Builders, added that, "'s worth noting that the number of improving markets is now more than three times what it was in June 2012."