If you haven’t already noticed, and only if you’re actively involved closing on a real estate investment, financing costs have been very, very low and have been for quite some time. This on the heels of multiple Fed Board member comments of an almostCash Flow for Real Estate Investors to Continue? interest rate hike inevitable come December 16th. 30 year mortgage rates for real estate investors have been hovering around the 4.00% mark for most of the year and have stayed in this range for quite some time. Jittery investors have helped keep such rates low as more funds have plowed into securities.

This is good news for the real estate investor on two counts in addition to low rates. The demand for rental housing is still on the rise which means higher rents which means greater cash flow. And for real estate investors who plan on flipping properties, lower rates mean more people can qualify for a home loan. And this week’s release of the unemployment data for November may in fact help keep a lid on financing costs at least into 2016. Recent data has indicated a slowdown in various sectors and analysts are predicting a sub-200,000 non-farm payroll number. You recall October surprised many when job creation topped 270,000 but an increasing number of jobless claims have mounted over recent weeks and it’s possible November will show a 100,000 reduction in new payroll numbers.

Finally, most such analysts are also predicting a Fed rate hike in December. But what if the Fed holds back and does nothing at all this time around? That could very well cause more than a little concern that the Fed knows something investors do not and it could cause a selloff on Wall Street, again keeping rates in check. Most however do agree that the Fed will in fact bump the Fed Funds rate but as we’ve seen over the past few years, the Fed has no problem with surprises. And that’s more good news for real estate investors.