Investors looking for places to invest their assets can be overwhelmed simply by wondering about the possibilities. Just look at the number mutual funds or publicly traded shares ready and waiting for the investor’s funds. But where too many investors never look is in real estate. And even if they at oneinvesting in real estate time did consider investing in real estate they’re now firmly against it due to what we all witnessed during the housing and financial crisis.

But let’s be clear, there was very little “investing” in that period, it was speculative. Buyers bought and sold homes within months to other “investors” heating up real estate markets everywhere. It was foolishness and we didn’t play that game. So why real estate then?

Buying real estate solely on its possible future value is not the only consideration. Over time, as the value of the property grows, the tenants are not only paying your mortgage for you they’re also paying you a little extra on top. And by speaking with your financial planner you can find out how those tenants are giving you tax-free income.

Income tax considerations with real estate offer deductions that other real assets simply cannot. Interest and expenses can be deducted but you can also deduct travel expenses to and from the property. If you have or will soon have a son or daughter in college, check into buying a rental property for them to live in instead of paying rent every month to someone else. Turn the tables.

One more thing to consider, when buying and financing real estate you’re leveraging your capital, using the mortgage company’s money to finance the acquisition, outside of your down payment and closing costs of course. The oft-used phrase “Other People’s Money” is perhaps in its best form as it relates to real estate.