If you have an established relationship with your bank it’s likely you have a few more perks than the average bank customer. It’s a comfortable feeling as a real estate investor when you walk into the bank lobby and the manager calls you by your name.

That’s because you’ve pledged your allegiance toprivate banking has perks the financial institution and keep your deposits there as well as utilize other important banking services such as financing your rental properties. So-called “private banking” levels provide still more advantages as long as the customer keeps a certain level of deposits within the institution.

Such customers enjoy very competitive interest rates both on deposits as well as loans and the bank can afford to coddle these clients as their assets help keep the bank fluid and reserves at comfortable levels. As it relates to financing rental properties, most of the typical lender fees can be waived. And even if a customer isn’t in the “private” status it’s always good practice to ask the lender to waive lender charges each time a loan request is made if there is sufficient loan volume and assets on deposit.

Lenders are able to offer discounted services to certain clients if they meet specific requirements and apply the policies and procedures consistently. Keeping your loyalty with one company can provide you with lower costs in terms of financing as well as your valuable time. This practice isn’t relegated to banks but any service you need in your business. If the company deserves of all your business by all means let them have it. They’ve earned it. That doesn’t mean never use anyone else, you should always keep your options open but when a company has proven their merit above all others and earned your business, you need to return the favor and be loyal as well.