Time to dump U.S. stocks? According to two separate articles appearing today on cnbc.com, that might be a wise move. Note, these are just two opinions but they’re from well respected sources, Peter Oppenheimer and Peter Shiller and both presented different reasons.

funds moving to European exchanges

Shiller said today he’s attributed much of the rise in the Dow and the S&P 500 has been how long interest rates have been for so long, pushing up stocks. Both have hit record highs with some saying the S&P could hit 2,325 by year end. Europe’s scheduled quantitative easing has also contributed to the optimism for European stocks, this moving money out of the Dow and into foreign exchanges.

The European economy, according to Oppenheimer, has been so weak for so long they’ve fallen out of favor and funds have moved for an extended period into U.S. equities. With the QE program in Europe set to begin next month, investors are betting Europe will turn around, specifically Spain and Italy, according to Shiller. The on-again, off-again dance with Europe and Greece continues to be a moving target but as of this morning it appears Greece has decided to play along. Otherwise, the country would be in serious trouble with European banks refusing to provide capital for Greek banks.

Mortgage backed securities have backed off a bit as the 30 year FNMA 3.0 coupon is currently trading at 101.01. Freddie Mac’s weekly mortgage survey will be released tomorrow and interest rates are expected to be higher in the report.