Real estate investments have a few advantages that other asset classes can’t match. Yes, different investments offer different levels of risk and there are bond funds that can provide for as little volatility as possible but the returns aren’t exactly what an accredited investor is looking for.

At least thosereal estate investment advantages whose primary goal is creating wealth. Investing in real estate for the long term is perhaps one of the safest, most predictable investments in the current market while still providing significant returns.

There really is no such thing as a rental bubble. Other than the increase of market rents, the investor isn’t concerned about charging too much rent. With long term financing and a fixed rate, the only real variable is property tax increases in the future but then again, all real estate is subject to those swings. Each month, the investor collects a rent check to cover the expenses of owning and the property appreciates over the years. There is no need to review quarterly reports or pore over candlestick charts. The only decisions needed are if and when to sell the asset and when to adjust the monthly rent.

Real estate investors aren’t worried about the asset going to zero as can happen when a publicly traded corporation elects or is forced to file for bankruptcy. Properly vetted real estate investments are fairly straightforward with regard to monthly expenses, cash flow and long term appreciation. Properly vetted real estate investments aren’t subject to bubbles. Real estate investments offer significant income tax benefits not available with the purchase of a stock, bond or mutual fund. Real estate investments are those that you can drive by, touch and feel and not subject to the daily whims of the S&P 500 or other market influences. These are the benefits that real estate investors enjoy.