Nice enough day for a recovery. While temperatures dropped and wind chill factors were discussed, Wall Street heated up with the Dow jumping 314.36 to close at 17898.88 The S&P 500 followed suit with a 36.33 gain, closing again above 2000 at 2062.23. The NASDAQ wouldn’t be left out of the partystocks heat up today closing at 4736.31. For the Dow, it was a 459 point rebound in the past two days.

Oil seems to have tapered off its decline over the past few days and even though the price of oil futures is still below $50 it closed slightly higher today at $48.79, signaling a possible end to the slide.

Tomorrow, the Unemployment Report will be released along with the number of new non-farm payroll jobs for both the private and government sectors. Investors are looking for the unemployment rate to dip slightly from 5.8% to 5.7% yet the rate must factor in the number of people actually looking for work and not those who have given up trying. An uptick in the unemployment rate won’t necessarily be bad news for the economy if more have rejoined the workforce. Non-farm payroll jobs created in November reached 321,000 with 314,000 of them in the private sector category. Economists are looking for a number closer to 245,000 which is still above 200,000 yet not anything near the 300,000 count. If more than 300,000 jobs are reported for the month of December, we could see both oil futures and stocks gain.