Those who actively monitor their portfolios are watching their stocks and mutual funds gain and lose by triple digits almost daily. With fears of a Fed tightening in less than two months, a stronger dollar and falling oil prices, Wall Street one day sees doom and gloom then another day an economic reportStrange Times on Wall Street is released indicating a healthy economy.

And with regard to the price of oil, some are saying we’re going to test new lows, this according to an article on The price of oil was at $107.73 almost a year ago and could fall into the $30 per barrel range. Good for consumers, but not so good for the energy sector and the Dow is keeping tabs. Oil needs to find a suitable range that keeps producers happy and consumers at the same time. So far, it hasn’t done so.

New technology in drilling helped drive down the price of oil over the past year and production has increased to the point where we’re running out of places to store it. The International Energy Agency, or IEA, reported U.S. production increased in February by 115,000 barrels a day. The massive storage facility in Cushing, Oklahoma is thought to be near capacity. There may be less drilling but there’s no one turning off the current spigot.

Mortgage bonds are still holding their own and there is talk of a Q1 slowdown. The initial GDP number will be released before the June FOMC meetings and if GDP is much less than anticipated, some are saying less than 1.00% growth, the Fed may hold off on rates after all. To further that reluctance, wholesale prices are actually falling, not rising. We’ll get the CPI report next week which could very well be in the negative range. The PPI number, released today, came in at -0.5%, almost a full point lower than what economists were expecting. The Fed, as well as Wall Street, is seeing some very strange times.