Stocks overall rose Wednesday while the Dow stayed above 17,000, closing at 17,086.63 and the S&P 500 closed at another record high touching 1987.01 at the closing bell. According to a story today on CNBC, for every three stocks that fell, four more climbed. A dose of steady, sometimes trudgingdow closes above 17,000 real estate opportunities economic numbers over the past several months has indicated a slow, gradual recovery.

That’s good news to the Fed and investors overall as inflation is still kept at bay. In fact, for a while the Fed was concerned that the lack of any price pressure on goods and services would harm the economy in the long run.

Retail inflation data for June was released yesterday and while the storefront number appeared to be a bit strong the core rate was closer to Fed target. Rising gas prices at the pump put pressure on the Consumer Price Index, as the June CPI number registered a 0.3 percent rise compared with a 0.4 percent reading the previous month. Gas prices made for nearly two-thirds of the increase jumping 3.3 percent in June, this from a 0.7 percent pop in May. Inflation is still running below the Fed’s inflation target of 2.00 percent.

The issue overall has been the lack of any significant strength in any one particular sector. Yes, there are gains and housing prices have been on a 28 month roll but there hasn’t been any eye-popping stat that could provide a jump start to stocks. The result has been rather tepid growth and traditional investors are still searching for double digit profits or at minimum investing in low-return bonds or even cash.

Yet both residential and commercial real estate Investment Opportunities are still being uncovered in select markets across the country, providing the more advanced individual investor opportunities to record double digit returns in a relatively short period of time. Foreclosure activity is slowly winding down in most parts of the country yet there are still investment opportunities when looking in the right areas.