U.S. markets closed down again today led by the Dow which fell -139.81 to 16429.47 and the S&P close behind dropping -18.78. The NASDAQ shed -31.05 to 4352.83. Some economists are pointing to the inevitable stock bubble that has finally burst but today there were rumors that the Ukrainianreal estate looking good stocks bad situation could take a turn for the worse with a possible Russian invasion while also looking at the prospects of the Fed raising rates before the end of the year.

Over the past two weeks markets have been on a real see-saw gradually taking losses and it’s possible we’ll see August stocks posting a losing month but it’s still early into the month. It’s just there’s less confidence in the markets now and some technicals may be kicking in.

For accredited investors who are investing in real estate, they’re paying more attention to other news right now. Buying, fixing and renting out real estate both residential and commercial has proven to be a good play as rents continue to rise as the list price of homes rose faster than wages in 95 out of 100 metropolitan statistical areas surveyed. In all 25 of the largest rental markets rents increased by 10 percent year-over-year. This according to an article that recently appeared in Trulia.

Property values are still on the rise, rental income is increasing it’s getting more difficult to qualify for a mortgage for many home buyers due to higher home prices and slower wage growth. That’s what real estate investors have been enjoying while their stock market counterparts are paying all their attention to global matters and what Fed Chair Yellen has to say. The two investment classes right now couldn’t be more different.