Real Estate Investors To Enjoy Low Rates Into Next Year:- Investors in most every corner are still keeping an eye on China and Greece. And let’s add one more to the mix- Iran. It takes a bit of telling but these three separate issues could keep a lid on financing costs well into next year, much longer than what Fed Chair Janet Yellen said today in testimony, thatNo rate increase until 2016? a rate increase is likely sometime this year but based upon observable data and not any particular time frame.

China was an on-again, off-again situation and last week many thought China had settled traders down. Stocks did stop the bleeding last week after a series of government moves. Prior to last week, the Shenzhen CSI 300 was down 28 percent from its highs, shedding another 3.00 percent on Wednesday. Greece is no sure thing either to agree to EUs requirements for austerity and a revenue plan. One anonymous comment from a European spokesman said there was no way for Greece to pay back its debts. And finally, while the Iran agreement is busy making other news, oil prices reacted accordingly falling 3.00 percent to $51.41 per bbl, the lowest since April 9. This according to a story by Reuters on*

The Chinese economy is slowing down, Greece is dragging the EU and more oil on the market. When oil prices approach these levels it will be interesting to see if the GDP for Q3 will take a hit. And while the Dow enjoyed another day above 18000, barely, there really is nothing to suggest the economy is on any kind of tear. And for the next half of the year, it could very well be like the first half. Mortgage rates for real estate investors remaining attractive near 4.00% while Wall Street suffers a series of paper cuts.

*US oil settles down 3.1% at $51.41 a barrel. July 15, 1015