You read here earlier this week about the many economic numbers to be released.  One report of note is the revision for the GDP number for Q2. You recall the Q1 GDP actually fell by -1.1% and primarily blamed on the weather. Q2 came in surprisingly strong at 4.0% but many economists didn’t takegdp revised to 4.1 the number at its face value.

That’s a 5.1% change from Q1 to Q2 after all. Today the Q2 revision showed there wasn’t any odd number of accounting anomaly that caused the shift and instead of falling, the GDP number was actually raised to 4.1%. That’s a nice number and if it stays it should indicate a strengthening economy, one that could finally begin to right a listless ship.

Freddie Mac also reported that the 30 year mortgage rate held steady at 4.10% from the previous week and has been below 4.20% for the past 12 weeks with little signs of increasing, even though the Fed quantitative easing is slowly being phased out. It appears that funds will continue to flow into Treasuries and mortgage bonds delivering those near non-existent yields but whatever yield a mortgage bond produces is much better than losing in the stock market. And until, or maybe even if, the Ukrainian situation settles out peacefully, rates should stay near their lows.

This makes it an ideal time to be on the lookout for real estate investments as low rates mean lower expenses for the investor while allowing more people to qualify for a home loan. Once rates begin to rise, and many are suggesting rates will rise quickly, many borrowers will be left on the sidelines and home prices will begin to moderate.