As property values rise, wealth is created. Across the country we’ve witnessed a deliberate track of rising home prices going on more than two years now. In some areas, values have increased at a much more rapid pace. Yet as property values increase, so do property taxes. Increased equity is a goodappealing property tax bills thing but taxes are a necessary component if we all want to pay for our schools, roads and bridges.

Yet the taxing authorities in different parts of the country don’t have the personnel needed to physically inspect each property. Instead, the assessor can identify a specific property’s value, make a physical inspection and extrapolate a property’s value compared to the base unit.

Simply put, if a county assessor inspects a 2,000 square foot home that just sold for $200,000 the price per square foot is $100. Homes that immediately surround the initial property will then be assigned a value based upon the value of the first property with adjustments made to reflect different characteristics of the other homes. For instance, if the first property was 10 years old and another 20, there should be an adjustment lowering the value of the older home.

You can appeal your tax bill but there are so many ways to adjust for value that even a licensed appraiser can sometimes miss them. Instead, there are companies who will appeal your value for you and only charge you if your property tax bill goes down and charge a percentage of the lower amount. In essence, it costs you nothing if your property taxes go down. In addition, these appeals are performed by experienced property appraisers who know what to look for. The county has a professional appraisal staff and one of the best ways to counter them and lower your tax bill is with a professional team as well.