Investors who seek safety as well as hedge against inflation most often have precious metals in their portfolios. Gold and now silver have always been a viable option for a secure investment. Speculators can also play the precious metals game. That’s obvious to most simply by noticing the number ofgold silver and private notes companies on cable television selling gold or silver. Coincidence?

No, especially since the traditional notion is the massive amounts of money printed by the Fed will ultimately lead to inflation and gold is a significant hedge.

Yet if you’ve done any homework, you’ll notice while gold and silver have increased in value over the years they’ve also taken a few lumps. If you invested say $50,000 in silver back in 2009, over the next five years that investment would have lost nearly $7,000. Over 10 years from 2004 to December 1, 2014, it gets a bit more respectable with a $50,000 investment growing to more than $102,000. Over a similar period, gold over five years from say 2004 to 2014 a $50,000 gold purchase grew to more than $132,000.

However, a private lender in real estate has the opportunity to make consistent, double digit returns secured by the asset being financed. Being a hard money lender can outperform other investments yet with very little risk. The investment is secured and will never be worth zero. Yet while the returns are attractive it’s also difficult to evaluate a potential investment without the experience needed to find, appraise, renovate and project a real estate opportunity.

A turnkey company who specializes in finding such transactions can provide the expertise needed to thoroughly evaluate a project, find a buyer as well as rent and manage the property. Gold and silver can provide long term gains as well as secure but so can a properly placed private note. And the returns on a private note are laid out in the note and cannot fluctuate. Double digit returns don’t necessarily mean double digit risk.