It seems investors are still trying to figure out last Friday’s jobs numbers for August when it was reported that a paltry 142,000 non-farm payroll jobs were produced for that month. This was after a series of lower first time unemployment claims and a seemingly contradictory report from ADP which dow down rates still lowclaimed there were 204,000 new jobs for the same period, a number almost exactly in line with the previous six months.

While many are ignoring the report entirely waiting for the revised number they’re still a bit cautious waiting for confirmation form other sectors however this week the economic calendar is a bit thin with Retail Sales released Friday being the only number that can shake the August suspicions.

The Dow closed lower at 17111.42 and while the S&P stayed above its 2000 mark it barely did so closing at 2001.54. Consumers should feel better at the pump however as the price of crude hit a low mark not see since last January, closing under $100 a barrel at $92.66. The oil sector was the hardest hit in the Dow as a result of softening crude prices.

This hesitancy in the markets is actually better new for real estate investors than it is for those heavily weighted in stocks. Whether or not the unemployment report was an aberration it likely will call off some of the bulls and give the doves some more breathing room. Mortgage rates are still at 52 week lows and investors for single family homes can readily find 15 year fixed rate conventional financing under 3.50%, bolstering cap rates. Rental demand in most areas is still strong with vacancy rates falling to saturated levels as new rental properties and apartment buildings are struggling in some places to meet demand.