The accredited investor today has multiple options as a portfolio is analyzed. Of course, keeping cash on hand allows the investor to quickly transfer assets into a new opportunity. Working with a financial advisor or on their own, accredited investors follow standard advice by keeping diversified andstocks bonds real estate allocating funds based upon risk aversion, age and retirement requirements.

Historically this has always meant a varying mix of stocks, bonds and cash. For investors who want or need greater returns than a mutual fund or a Treasury can currently offer, it can be a challenge identifying trends and market momentum. Yet there are opportunities for accredited investors to realize solid, double digit returns if they only knew where to turn.

“Our mission is to identify accredited investors and let them hear our story. All too often when an investor hears of an opportunity that provides yields of 12 percent or more, without knowing the background or exploring the opportunity further, unfortunately the notion falls on deaf ears and may not be seriously considered” according to Shaun Cohen, President of EquityBuild Finance.

EquityBuild Finance provides investors the opportunity to finance real estate projects that includes the acquisition, rehabilitation and management of distressed real estate. As a potential project is identified, the property goes through multiple inspections looking for obvious and hidden issues. As the needed repairs are quantified and the market price is established, the project then seeks private investors who wish to participate.

The accredited investor reviews the information presented and is encourage to perform their own due diligence. The investor has the ability to “pass” on any opportunity as presented or to participate as each project is made available to investors. Instead of putting money into a pool that allows EquityBuild Finance to tap into those funds as needed, investors have the ability to say “yes” or “no” at each project. Double digit returns secured by real estate are often off of the radar of an accredited investor and if so it’s usually because the investor isn’t aware such opportunities are available.