A story appeared regarding a topic you’ve been reading about here for the past few months. The article published today and appearing on foxbusinessnew.com, wonders why, with all the geopolitical turmoil abroad, the Dow, S&P and NASDAQ have not only weathered the storm but both the Dow and S&P hitresidential real estate investing record highs just a few weeks ago.

The overall assessment? Our economy is doing better than any other major economy in the world and investors have been putting more money into U.S. stocks and Treasuries.

And for a flight to safety there is none better right now than U.S. Treasuries and mortgage bonds. In fact, these additional investments keep rolling in from both here and abroad. According to the Federal Reserve foreign buyers of U.S. debt topped $6 trillion for the first time in June. Another article on cnbc.com talks about the bullish bond market and that rates should stay low for a long, long time.

Of course, you can find articles stating the opposite and if Vice Chair Fischer is right the rate bumps should be starting now and not later and the recent Philly Fed survey adds weight to that sentiment as they predicted 3Q GDP to rise 3.0 percent and 3.1 percent as we close out the year.

For real estate investors, bullish bonds and a growing economy are a strange but welcomed combination. Historically there is either one or the other but not both enjoying a nice ride at the very same time but that’s what we’re experiencing now and it looks to continue at least into the fourth quarter.