One thing about working with a turnkey real estate investment company is you don’t have to live where you invest. There’s no doubt real estate prices are on the rise and good deals are harder to find for many. Existing home sales for June came in at a pace not seen since 2006 as 5.49M homesWorking long distance changed hands for the month, this according to the Naitonal Association of Realtors.

Foreclosure inventory is gradually depleting and investors who have been buying real estate and financing private notes in their back yard may soon find there are not only fewer deals but more investors looking at the same projects. That’s why you need to invest outside your boundaries.

When you work in this fashion, you have the opportunity to invest in real estate you wouldn’t otherwise have even known existed, much less make an offer. Working with a turnkey company means all the research has been previously completed and your job is to decide whether or not the property or note makes sense for your portfolio.

Make certain you perform your own due diligence on the turnkey company and ask not only for referrals from other investors but look at past deals they’ve closed. What was the return? When were they paid? If financing a note, what lien position is the individual investor in? If buying a property, is the turnkey company involved financially as well? What about property management and marketing? All these questions need to be answered to your satisfaction but if the local real estate cupboard is getting somewhat bare, you do have other options. You can invest anywhere in the United States.