Stocks and bonds seem to be acting in a more traditional manner, moving in the opposite direction. Last week, both the S&P 500 and the Dow hit record-breaking territory yet bonds didn’t move in tandem this time around. The 30 year fixed mortgage rate for real estate investors still remained below 4.00%look for december unemployment report with a point but did rise by several basis points. The Dow’s 400+ gain last Thursday was a welcome sign for Wall Street as well as for investors around the globe searching for a place to park funds.

Accredited investors are seeing multiple opportunities beyond the typical equity buy but the volatility is still there with certain sectors taking a blow while others are doing a little better. Oil stocks are down and the technology sector took a hit last week. For stock pickers, it can get a big overwhelming even during slower trading sessions as we’ve witnessed over the holiday break.

There really doesn’t seem to be an overall safe place to be other than here in the United States with regard to investing. As the price of oil falls and the dollar strengthens, Russia is trying to find a way out of its current miasma while Japan, China and other Asian countries are also attempting to figure out how to escape its own economic doldrums.

As for the U.S., not much should happen as it relates to economic reports and Wall Street as only two reports are schedule for a release. In fact, no major reports will be issued for the remainder of 2014 and only two relatively insignificant reports coming out this Friday, January 2nd.  What economists will be watching for is the unemployment report for December. Anything above 300,000 new jobs and mortgage rates will begin a gradual rise. Don’t be surprised if interest rates for investors easily pop above the 4.25% mark and even 4.50% within a few days.