The Dow just has something going on with the 18,000 mark. Today, the Dow closed down 142 points to 17,928.20. Staying above 18,000 has been a problem for the Dow and the other boards are experiencing some consistency issues of their own. The S&P 500 has been above the 2,000 mark for year over year home values rise for 37 straight monthsseveral weeks but like the Dow any significant gains are given right back.

There is also chatter that the initial GDP for Q1 might be adjusted lower come the second revision. This according to an article on  

Yet on the real estate front, real estate values continue to climb and according to many at a relatively safe pace. According to a report released by real estate data firm CoreLogic, home prices rose again in March by 5.9 percent, compared to the same period last year. For more than three years, home values have risen each month compared to the very same month the previous year. That’s not only consistent but indicates more than a trend.

Real estate investors are still enjoying some very competitive interest rates and conforming 15 year investor rates are still below the 3.50% mark. Mortgage rates for rental units are typically 0.25% higher compared to those for an owner occupied home. All this points to a rocky stock market with many still wondering what the Fed will do and when. As it relates to Real estate investing, financing costs should continue to stay low well into the year as home values continue their push higher.