It’s been a whirlwind these past few days. China, Greece, the Mideast, Yellen comments all have contributed to a volatile market. With news that Greece has made a deal with the European Union and the Chinese stock markets seem to have settled down, the Dow recovered their double digit losses and Stocks up, rates downis back into positive territory for the year.

But recently released economic data has caused, at least temporarily, stocks and bond to react in tandem once again and opposite their traditional pattern.

As the Dow and others are recovering positively so far this week, mortgage rates for real estate investors have also fallen. As of this morning, the benchmark FNMA 30=yr 3.5 hit 102.21, up 11/32 from yesterday’s close. That translates into about .125% lower for a 30 year note to finance real estate investment property. The cause for today’s rate improvement?

While all eyes were on foreign affairs, Retail Sales for June was released showing a decline of -0.3 percent. Most had expected a slight surge in sales for the month something closer to 0.3 percent increase. The monthly decline indicated a six point swing. Treasury yields also recovered as the 10 year yield hit 2.41 percent. With the conflicting data still making headlines along with Fed Chair Yellen stating last week to expect a rate increase sometime this year, she has also stated the decision will be based upon verifiable data. If there is no indication of sustained growth, perhaps there will be no rate increase this year after all.