After weeks watching Greece’s financial foibles and China’s moves to prop up their markets, Wall Street is now paying attention to stocks at home. And it’s not pretty. While the Dow briefly got back into positive territory for the year, earnings season is on us again and there were some disappointingEarnings season is upon us. IBM disapoints results primarily due to Dow component IBM, which posted another loss for the 13th straight quarter.

Such a blue chip will have some sort of impact on even the most conservative of mutual funds and the Dow shed more than 200 points to fall back into the red, still having trouble with the 18000 mark.

Real estate investors and those investing in private notes aren’t all that concerned about trading equities or their portfolios. Property values continue to rise across the country and private note holders are secured in a first lien position on a property increasing in value. Mortgage rates still are somewhat of a guessing game for the long term but is there a surprise in the short term?

Earlier this year, many looked to July FOMC meetings as the starting point for the Fed to start raising rates. While that certainty appears to have faded, you can’t discount Fed Chair Yellen’s recent remarks telling us the FOMC will vote to raise rates before the year is out. She also qualified that remark by stating that only “if the data suggests it.” We’ll know next Wednesday afternoon, the 29th of July if the FOMC raised the Fed Funds rate. Until then, have fun with earnings season.