If you’re an accredited investor and have your assets that routinely provide double digit returns or a monthly cash flow on a real estate deal, you’re probably glad you don’t have a large amount of funds in the stock market. Or if you do, maybe you’re wondering when it might time to pull back. Both thereal estate accredtied investor Dow and S&P have been doing quite well lately with a few bumps along the road and rather surprisingly so, given the amount of unrest around the globe.

At the closing bell today, the Dow dropped -123.23 closing under 17,000 and the S&P fell by -9.64 to 1978.34.  It was the Dow’s sharpest fall in nearly two months.

There is quite a lot on the active investor’s plate including the latest round of earnings reports, some surprisingly weak yet we’re still right in the middle of reporting. It’s difficult at best to try and get a general sense of the equity markets. There are swirling clouds that should be exerting more pressure than they currently are. The Ukraine, Gaza and Iraq situations have gotten worse, not better and reason would tell you that money would be flying out of the stock markets and into safer investments such as Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities. But that hasn’t happened.

The current QEIII program is scheduled to finally taper out in October but interest rates on all things from automobile loans to mortgages have been loath to rise, even in the face of the Fed turning off the spigot. The markets have survived quite a bit over the past few months and maybe it’s time investors will finally determine that the party’s over and take in what profits they’ve made and look elsewhere for investments.