The Dow closed at yet another record today albeit only 15.38 points higher than yesterday’s close. Still, the 18244.50 is still good news for traders coming on the heels of dovish testimony yesterday from Fed Chair Janet Yellen. Oil appears to have settled in some sort of a range and at least appears todow up today rates lower have stopped the freefall. And finally the Euro-Greek agreement appears to have many investors exhaling, at least for the next four months.

Mortgage bonds have also experienced a resurgence, after having lost nearly 50 basis points over the past three weeks, so far this week we’ve seen the 30 year FNMA 3.0 coupon gain another 25 basis points and today closed at 101.29, up 2/32 for the day. Mortgage rates have followed the trend and recovered some of the losses as of late.

Historically it’s a bit odd when stocks, treasuries and mortgage bonds all do well at the same time however since 2009 they’ve all marched somewhat in lockstep as the Fed lowered effective interest rates to near zero and held them there since then. Combine cheap money and an extended bond purchase program that ended last fall and investments overall respond in a similar manner. Last week, the 15 year mortgage rate for real estate investors broke the 3.00% mark for the first time in several weeks. Tomorrow, the results of Freddie Mac’s weekly mortgage survey will be released at 9:00 a.m. EST.