We’re winding down earnings season and stocks like what they see. The Dow, S&P and NASDAQ again posted gains with the Dow closing above 17000 at 17005.75 rising 187.81. Triple digit increases for the Dow has been relatively common since the index lost ground a couple of weeks ago.

Volatilitydollar stronger rates stay low seems to have abated and earnings are beating many estimates, including Facebook which reported Q3 earnings of .43 per share compared to .40 expected. And they’re not the only ones. But while our stock markets are doing relatively well, overseas markets not so much.

In fact, there could very well be a specific point where sliding Asian and European economies find U.S. products too expensive thanks to our strong dollar. A strong dollar is good for us but not so good for foreign entities to buy U.S. goods and services due to exchange rate. At some point, prices get too expensive and sales drag.

The price of oil continues to fall as well and as manufacturers here as well as consumers at the gas pump are enjoying lower energy costs, a slowing economy will hamper U.S. oil exports as demand subsides. This wouldn’t be an issue if Europe and Asia were in a recovery mode as well but they’re simply not. While our economy has been on the rebound for the past couple of years the same can’t be said for countries such as Italy, Germany and others.

In the meantime, that should also bode well for real estate investments here as interest rates should remain low at least into next year and Fed chatter regarding an accommodative stance is helping, too. Real estate prices are still on the increase for both existing as well as new homes yet not at such a fast clip as we’ve seen for just over two years now. At the same time, rental rates are still on the increase. Real estate investors aren’t paying much attention to the dollar or to earnings reports as much as those solely invested in equities.