Freddie Mac released its weekly mortgage rate survey and reported the average 30 year fixed rate for a primary residence fell from 3.66% to 3.59%. For the 15 year loan, the rate dropped to 2.92% from the previous week’s 2.98%. When considering a loan for an investment property, interest rates for therates to remain low 30 and 15 year program are at 3.75% and 3.00% respectively. Note, these are national averages and you can find lower rates by shopping around.

Stock markets have been on such a wild swing these past few weeks with conflicting data confusing investors. The Dow has yet to surpass the 18,000 mark this year and seems to be riding in tandem with the price of oil. As a barrel of oil approaches the $60 mark, stocks fare much better. In addition, the unemployment report for January provided some good news as it relates to job creation and wage growth. Some are now looking at a potential rate increase this summer as we wrote about yesterday.

Yesterday, the Commerce Department noted that wholesale inventories here in the U.S. only rose by 0.1 percent in December, indicating a possible slowdown in the economy. This slight gain was lower than anticipated and much lower than the 0.8 percent gain the previous month. Another report by the National Federation of Independent Business provided a slightly gloomier outlook by small businesses. The “Small Business Optimism” index dropped 2.5 points, to 97.9. This part of a story on Falling inventories and a not-so-rosy attitude isn’t all that uncommon during the winter months yet one more month of similar data and any anticipated rate move this summer will likely fade further into the fall.