You’ve decided some time ago to get your real estate license. There have been numerous times when someone has told you, “You’re really outgoing, you should get your real estate license!” or something similar. After all, you think, if someone else can be successful at it then I sure can. So you didbecome an investorjust that and, like most, you’re not as rich as you thought you might be at this point. What’s happening?

It could be any number of things but one issue is you’ve got a lot of competition out there. Even some of your friends have their real estate license and you’re not the only agent in your sphere of influence. Ask anyone and they can tell you immediately of two or three friends of theirs are real estate agents. The quandary sometimes is, if they choose one and not the other two, the other two would get upset not getting the listing. You want to give your business to your friends but at the risk of making others mad, so you find another agent. But maybe there’s a better way. Use your real estate license to begin investing in real estate instead of trying to get the very same listing about 100 other agents are trying to get.

Re-brand yourself as an investor and find properties you can flip, buy wholesale or acquire and keep on your own for long term appreciation as well as the cash flow. When your tenants pay your mortgage and then some it’s almost like having a free asset that grows every year and also sends you a check every month to boot.

Working as an investor instead of an agent is how many successful real estate investors got started out. They found rental properties for others then saw how they were building wealth one unit at a time. Maybe you don’t have as many listings as you ‘d like and acting as a buyer’s agent isn’t to your liking. Take full advantage of your real estate training and become an investor.