Real estate investors and private lenders have enjoyed quite a ride over the past few years. As the foreclosure wave hit and traditional lending dried up, there were profitable opportunities nearly everywhere. At the same time, once these properties were brought back into shape and presented to theaccredited investors go turnkey market, interest rates continued to fall, making housing more affordable.

In today’s environment, while rates are still low, median home values in most parts of the country are on the rise. And all those opportunities suddenly started to become fewer and farther between and in some instances investors found there were no more legitimate opportunities. Other investors however discovered an answer to that problem long ago—turnkey investing.

Accredited investors have the ability to finance private projects at their discretion and also have the ability to provide financing for properties well beyond their borders. This process means anywhere an opportunity presents itself, the investor can still profit. But flying solo on such a project is costly, time consuming and requires much more research compared to rifling through the local MLS. A professional turnkey real estate investment firm is the answer.

When local areas dry up, the gravy train can continue and can work but only if the turnkey company has been thoroughly screened. This is a relatively easy process but still it needs to be done. Research the principals involved. Look at their track record and how long they have been in business? How is their underwriting ability? How many foreclosures have they had to process? What do their current clients say about them and look at some recent examples of turnkey projects that fit your current investing criteria?

To continue being a real estate investor means continuing to invest. If your local market suggests the real estate well is dry, it’s time to turn to the services of a turnkey operation to find deals you wouldn’t even know existed.