We spoke yesterday about Greece and how bond yields have settled down. The Dow’s triple-digit selloff on Monday is showing a meager recovery today upon rumors there’s a deal in the works but it’s a cautious recovery. Investors have heard this story before. But according to an article today onBrand New Excuse For Yellen? cnbc.com*, the comment was made the fallout from any Greece default could result in the Fed having yet another excuse to hold off raising rates.

There hasn’t been a rate increase since 2006. A gradual recovery here in the States has been acknowledged by most observers and we’ll get some sort of confirmation this Friday when jobs numbers for June are released, but for real estate investors and buyers everywhere, this means a potential lid on rates for the remainder of the year.

But why should the Fed delay any rate move? Again, referring to the article, previous delays really haven’t accomplished much and Wall Street has all but acknowledged a rate move and the sky hasn’t fallen. It’s better to be ahead of the curve instead of trying to play catch-up.

In the meantime, for those invested in real estate or planning for more acquisitions, it’s still an ideal time to acquire investment properties with rates still relatively near historic lows. This low rate environment has pushed up the value of real estate in most parts of the country reducing the amount of inventory which also raises rental rates. The demand for housing in the purchase as well as the rental markets is still very strong. Real estate investors are in a pretty good place right now. A lot better than stocks.

*cnbc.com  “Yellen May Have Her Excuse” by Matthew Belvedere, June 30, 2015