As an accredited investor and an EquityBuild Finance client, you’re not as concerned with mortgage rates on the retail level. Your returns are based upon other factors, not a how much someone’s monthly payment will be when financing a home. Yet the rise and fall of interest rates does in fact affect theRate moves in 2015? pool of potential buyers of individual homes.

The lower the rate, the deeper the pool of potential buyers. More buyers means more demand which in turn can cause a property to sell for more rather than less. All things being equal of course.

Just last week, it was Fed Chair Janet Yellen who stated, again, that the Fed was still on track to raise rates in 2015. Exactly when that will happen isn’t exactly known other than a rate move will be announced at the conclusion of one of the Fed’s FOMC meetings. Earlier in the year, many had thought the first rate increase would be in June, this after a string of relatively good news on the economic report. Yet that rosiness disappeared once Q1 GDP was released along with other, rather tepid market reaction. But we’re running out of 2015. At the end of next month, 2015 will be halfway over.

There are five more such FOMC meetings this year, with the next round arriving in mid-June. For the rest of this year, the FOMC two-day affairs will be held again on July 28-29, September 16-17, October 27-28 and December 15-16.* For most investors, the December dates appear to be the most likely time for the Fed to adjust the Federal Funds rate, this after parsing months of economic data. Yet should the data be favorable for a December rate increase, mortgage rates will have already made their moves in anticipation of Fed action in December. For investors of rental properties, that means higher financing costs are on the landscape as well as fewer buyers.